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Welcome to SLR Productions and Publishing Company, LLC! Here at SLR Pros, we specialize in stage play productions, book and event promotions, showcasing inspirational and entertaining stage performances and focusing on creating new opportunities for rising artists!

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So Happy You're Here!

Hi, I’m Sherrie L. Roberts, founder of SLR Productions and Publishing Company. My professional career has included a 25-year career in radio broadcasting, along with a history of several original writing projects, from commercial scripts to stage plays. I hold a Bachelor’s in Business, an M.B.A., and a Master’s degree in Creative Writing.

Currently, I am involved in stage and film script developments and literary publication works.

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Introducing The SLR Collection!

Comfort for the mind and body, The SLR Collection features branded apparel, accessories, and more, many with messages and Biblical scripture references that inspire!